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  • Buit-In 360° Sqli Site Protection…
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  • Built-In Country Blocker: Block Countries Of Your Choice From Accessing Your Website.

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  • Get Real-Time Protection Using Our World-Class Wordpress Firewall Protection Technology.
  • Built-In “Hide Your Login History” Feature.
  • Activate Recaptcha On Your Site To Enhance Your Site’s Security By 10x.
  • Built-In Anti-Virus Scanner: Scans Your Wp Site & Removes Unwanted Files, Outdated Datas, Viruses, Malware & Others.
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Revolutionary: Secure Your Wordpress Websites From Hackers, Cyber Attacks, Malware, Virus, Threats And Much More…

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Revolutionary: Secure Your Wordpress Websites From Hackers, 

Cyber Attacks, Malware, Virus, Threats And Much More…